Contact Details


(03) 5750 1120 (leave a message)


14 Churchill Avenue,
Bright, VIC 3741
We’re tucked in behind the Bowls Club and the SES.




Welcome to BUMS Inc. (aka Bright United Men’s Shed)

If you’re looking for something worthwhile and fun to do, the Bright United Men’s Shed has a lot to offer:

  • Snooker, Cards
  • Teaching Kitchen and Cooking Classes
  • Wood Work (band saw, table saw, planer, thicknesser)
  • Wood Turning (4 lathes) – classes on Monday morning
  • Welding (Stick and MIG) – classes on Thursday morning.
  • Metalwork (lathe, mill, drill press)
  • We even have our own CNC router and
  • A great bunch of (mostly) friendly blokes

..We do projects –  ‘Personal’ projects, ‘Shed’ projects and ‘Community’ projects.

We also sit around drinking tea and eating biscuits and chatting. Drop in any time we’re open and join us for a cuppa and a chat (sorry – biscuits are only for members*).

Read more in About Us or click on Contact Us for our address, a map and contact form.

Joining BUMS Inc. is easy. Grab an application form from the Shed (or from the links on this site), fill it out and hand it over with the annual membership fee (there’s no joining fee) and you get access to a massive shed, heaps of tools, and some of the best blokes around.

Membership fees are reviewed and set by the Committee at the start of each year.

* just kidding, you can have a biscuit too.

Scan QR Code or click here for online Membership Form

Download PDF application

 Opening Times


The Shed is accessible to members by keypad entry from 8:00 am to 8:00pm, 7 days a week. However restrictions on activities apply.

Supervising staff are typically present on a rosta basis at the Shed from 09:00am to 12:00pm Monday to Friday. Subject to review by the committee from time to time. During these times all Shed activities are permitted.


Work by unaccompanied members is restricted to activities determined by our risk assessment protocols as being ‘Low Risk’ and are limited to office work, cleaning and use of hand and battery operated tools.


Security camera recordings are made of the car park, entry and workshop areas and are available to determine the timing and events surrounding any issues of concern.

About BUMS

Bright United Men’s Shed (BUMS Inc.) was established with the support of Alpine Health, the Alpine Shire and many community businesses to provide a venue and range of activities focused on Men’s well-being.

BUMS Inc. is one of over 600 sheds that have sprung up in communities across Australia in the past few years. The success of the Australian Men’s Shed initiative is now spreading around the world.

Sheds are being recognised as vital, viable places that can provide relaxed, happy creative spaces for men of all ages. Sheds also provide men many health benefits.

Belonging to a community men’s shed provides opportunities for:

  • Social interaction with other men
  • Sharing of skills, knowledge and life experiences
  • the making of new friends
  • developing a network of emotional support
  • developing a sence of belonging, meaning and value.


  • To provide a venue for ongoing social interaction amongst members
  • To develop a range of activities in which all members can participate
  • To develop and run programs that will contribute to the better health and well-being of members
  • To conduct a well managed and well operated community based Men’s Shed
  • To build the sustainability of the shed
  • To undertake community development and support facilities